New Floral Necklaces, Coming Soon

Floral beads on jewellery bench.jpeg

You may remember this post back in June about how we had a spell of scorching weather and how I spent it sweating in the studio making floral beads, well it’s taken me until now to make them into jewellery. This last week I have finally been able to make this latest batch of floral beads into necklaces. I know that there are jewellers out there who can make a lovely pendant in a few minutes flat but that’s not me. I’m a Virgo and perfectionism seems to be hard wired into my DNA, so when I make jewellery I make it with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that I use when I make my glass beads.

According to my family they can’t tell the difference between something I have made (relatively) quickly and something that has taken me hours but I know the difference. The thing is I genuinely love and appreciate the people who buy my work and they absolutely deserve my best so if that takes longer, much much longer, then so be it.

These will be heading into my shop soon and they are all one of a kind, if you have your eye on one and dont want to miss out then join my mailing list and be the first to know when they are released.

Floral necklaces nearly done

Floral necklaces nearly done


P.S. The lentil wave beads at the back are next to be released, probably around early September. If you want to know when they are coming click here to join the mailing list.