About Me


Hi, I'm Judith, I design and make art glass lampwork beads and jewellery. I live in the beautiful city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England.

Lampwork Glass Beads

I create artisan glass beads using an ancient technique called lampwork. I use a special torch (the lamp) to melt glass rods in a flame and then wrap the molten glass around a thin steel mandrel to form a bead. The bead is worked from the center out building up each layer of glass with meticulous care and attention to detail. Some of the complex beads can take several hours to complete and often include inclusions of precious metals, fine silver, gold leaf, cubic zircons and murrini - tiny chips of glass containing pictures such as flowers, butterflies and fish.

I love the meditative quality of melting glass in a hot flame. I am fascinated by and drawn to the depth, transmission and play of light on colour not to mention the sparkle. Often thrilling, likewise frustrating, I love the unexpected, the reactions and the alchemy....no matter how deeply you delve, a world of exciting possibility is waiting.


    My jewellery designs until now have featured my lampwork beads simply wrapped with sterling silver wire, but in the last few years I have become increasingly interested in silversithing. Combining my silver work with my lampwork glass means I can create a completely unique line of artisan jewellery. 

    With simplicity at the forefront of my designs I aim to create unique pieces that are easy to wear and bring you the magic and beauty of glass.

    Established in 2002 my unique designs are inspired by the world around me and a deep love of nature.