Judith Johnston

About Me

Jewellery Artist & Lampwork Glass Bead Maker

Hi, I'm Judith, I’m a jewellery artist and I love to make, one of a kind pieces from molten glass and precious metals.. I live in the fabulous city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England. I’ve been making jewellery since 1998 and lampwork beads since 2002. Over the years I have spent many hours locked in the studio honing my skills and techniques, so you can be sure your piece of art glass jewellery is of the highest quality, bringing you pleasure for years to come.



I am obsessed by molten glass! I love the meditative process of melting glass in the flame. The depth and play of light on colour, the reflections and sparkle inherent in the glass, precious metals and cubic zirconia. Often exciting, equally frustrating, I love the unexpected, the reactions and the alchemy....no matter how deeply you delve a world of beautiful possibility is always waiting.



Art glass lampwork beads are created using an oxygen and propane torch and molten glass. Rods of glass are melted in the flame using a special torch (the lamp) then the molten glass is wrapped around a thin steel mandrel to form a bead. The bead is worked from the centre out building up each layer with meticulous care and attention to detail. Some of the complex beads can take several hours to complete and often include inclusions of precious metals, cubic zirconia and murrini - tiny chips of glass containing pictures such as flowers, butterflies and fish.

Once the bead is finished it is placed in a digitally controlled kiln for annealing. This is the process of holding the hot glass at temperature to even out the heat in the piece before starting to slowly cool it. This means the glass will not have any stress from uneven heat and once cooled will be strong and durable.

While it is possible to repeat a particular design in molten glass the results will always vary. Some differences in design, shape, size and colour are intrinsic to the glass making process which means that each piece is unique to you and truly one of a kind.



Once the lampwork glass beads are annealed, cooled and cleaned they can be used to make jewellery. Using traditional metal smith and wire wrapping techniques I combine precious metals with my beads, gemstones and pearls to create unique glass jewellery for you.

Art glass jewellery is a joy to wear and extremely versatile, adding that finishing touch to any outfit with individuality and style.