Up North

Last week I went up North to see Mum,

I stayed in one of my favourite hotels, The Mill at Conder Green (technically it’s The mill at Thurnham but that doesn’t sound as nice) I asked for a quiet room and got a lovely spot at the back looking out onto a field where the only sounds were the gentle barnyard symphony of cows, sheep and birdsong. The breakfast room room overlooks the Lancaster canal with a lock directly outside the window so often breakfast comes with a sideshow of a barge passing through the lock or the resident swans and their cygnets paddling past. It’s a great place to mull over a cup of coffee.

I went from this….


I was due to stay until Monday as I have an aversion to driving (or being a passenger) on the M6 or the M25 on a Sunday afternoon. On Saturday evening I got a call from Natalie who had to take her brother Robert to A&E in an ambulance after he tripped and broke his collar bone -ouch! So I have neatly segued from Natalie - who is still suffering from post viral fatigue after her run in with ‘flu in January- to Rob in a sling and here he is waiting for surgery on Friday… He wasn’t smiling after the procedure!

To this…..