I am slowly bringing myself back online. The last few months have been very difficult for me but right now I have calm, which is just wonderful. I saw that my last post on my Facebook Page was March 11th and , I had no idea what the next few months had up their collective sleeves for me.

In short Ann's aggressive chemo/radiotherapy treatment was hugely successful and she is enjoying a new lease of life. I moved my own elderly mother 300 miles north (her choice, not mine) and seems to be getting comfortable in her new flat. Robert, my son has been made redundant, moved 250 miles south and is currently living with us while looking for work. I am currently enjoying a brief respite from spending many hours sitting in traffic on the M25 and M6, thank God we finally have a car with air conditioning!

Next week we have the builders back to move the bathroom upstairs and expand the kitchen so I really am making the most of the quiet.

I am back on the torch and have been totally loving it. I have to say it is a bit like starting over and I feel very rusty indeed. I would normally post a picture here but I have no new work and I haven't had time to get my head around my new camera so photos will have to wait.

Oh and I have a new blog which is going to be entirely lampwork related, I will link it up later....

Okay torch time now so I will see if I can get my head around some photos for my next post.
This week I am mainly playing with enamels...