Heart Pendant - Moonlight Grey

A beautiful heart pendant elegant in moonlight grey, a favourite choice from the Juliette collection. A pendant necklace featuring an artisan lampwork glass heart combined with sterling silver .

Heart Bead Approx: 18 mm long x 20 mm wide
Pendant Length approx 30 mm

This pretty heart is handmade from a gorgeous shade of grey glass. It is decorated on both sides with lacy patterning, tiny silver droplets and a cubic zirconia that really twinkles when it catches the light. The glass has been frosted to a pretty satin finish which really highlights the decoration.

Set on a sterling silver wire wrapped pendant and suspended from a sparkly diamond cut sterling silver trace chain. This necklace goes with absolutely anything, making it very easy to wear. It would make a beautiful gift for someone you love.

All fittings are sterling silver.
Please choose your sterling silver chain length from the drop down menu above.

Each lampwork bead is handmade, one of a kind and unique to you!

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