Shimmer Grey & Ivory Lampwork Focal Bead

A beautiful, one of a kind lampwork focal bead decorated with lots of fine silver and raised metallic dots. I absolutely love this bead, it's one of those where it looked amazing going into the kiln but I really couldn't tell if it was going to look the same when it came out. I was thrilled when it came out looking even better!

As you can see from the photos, the sunlight really reveals the hidden beauty of this handmade glass bead. 


Diameter: 26 mm
Depth: 12 mm deep
Hole: 2 mm

Shades of grey and ivory glass decorated with fine silver for lots of reactive detail. Embellished with deep swirls in the glass and finished with raised metallic dots. The top of the bead is shiny and the bottom etched to a soft matte finish that really accentuates the organic patterns.

My lampwork glass beads are made from the heart with love and meticulous attention to detail. 

  • Kiln annealed for durability
  • Nicely puckered holes
  • Properly cleaned 
  • Carefully packaged