Lampwork Beads SRA - Handmade Glass Pebble Bead Set of Six in Green Grey

Lampwork Beads SRA - Handmade Glass Pebble Bead Set of Six in Green Grey


A set of six handmade, green and grey lampwork beads. These handmade beads have been decorated in a pretty organic style with ivory glass and lots of fine silver. A coordinated set of 3 pairs, one pair of light sage green, one pair of transparent green and one pair matte grey. This set of lampwork beads will give you endless design possibilities, split them up or use them together. However you choose to use them you are sure to create something beautiful!

These lampwork glass beads are in a slender pebble shape which is sure to inspire you with lots of jewellery ideas. They are very comfortable to wear because of their thin profile, they lie flat against the skin when used for bracelets and necklaces.

Bead sizes range largest 20 mm x 18mm to smallest 18 - 17 mm
Bead hole size approx 1.6 mm

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Lampwork Jewels handmade lampwork beads are lovingly made with nicely puckered holes so they won't shred your beading thread. They are properly kiln annealed directly from the flame to relieve any stress and carefully cooled. Once cool they are thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of bead release.
In short, they are well made, properly finished and packed safely to arrive in your hands in tip top condition and ready to use in your jewellery designs.

Artisan lampwork glass beads, made in the flame by Judith Johnston

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