May 12, 2021


Well howdy doody! Where is this year going??

I have been so busy, firstly packing and then moving Natalie back home with us ( it’s pretty snug here these days!) I have also been taking Robert to look at flats. It’s a nightmare, he has liked all except one but when he applies for them he is told that the landlord has chosen someone else. The trouble is there are way more people looking than properties available. I know he will get something eventually but it’s very disheartening for him... plus I need his bedroom for my glass! 
I also had my 48 hour Facebook showcase which is a bit like an online bead fair just for me. I used to do these a lot but stopped about 5 years ago. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will definitely do it again but probably not for a couple of months. 

In other news my shed is pretty much on the point of collapse. One of the houses behind us has a brute of an ivy which is essentially ripping my poor old shed apart. I have had to bite the bullet and order a new one but there is a 4 month waiting list 😱 In fairness it’s going to take me that long to empty it, the real problem is  where am I going to put all that glass!

anyhoo that’s enough rambling for now.. here’s a photo of a pretty bead

Pink and ivory lampwork glass bead with cubic zirconia made by Judith Johmston

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