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To Etch or Not?

April 24, 2019

To Etch or Not?

That is the question that is stuck in my head at the moment. To be honest I'm thrilled it's shoved Roxette's "Hello, you fool I love you" out of the way because that's been on a loop for weeks and I'm utterly sick of the Joyride.

I think these beads look lovely as they are but I'm itching to etch them. I think it them will make the different shades of grey stand out more, plus I love grey glass etched. The lighter transparent glasses always etch beautifully, it just seems to make the colour more concentrated somehow. That having been said I would lose the pretty blue colour where the silver has fumed the glass (top bead in the photo below) and that would be a shame... I think I need to make some more beads to play with... stay tuned...


Grey lampwork glass beads

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