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April 20, 2019

Bluebells in the garden

Sometimes I take my coffee and sit at my computer in my pyjamas and play Pinterest. Conventional wisdom says that if you are a small business owner your Pinterest feed should be curated with your "ideal customer" in mind, what would they like to see, do the pictures reflect my branding? etc. I have never been one to follow any kind of wisdom, particularly the conventional variety. Often I treat myself to a session of pinning whatever I damn well please, just because I feel like it! Yes I could pin to secret boards, or open up a separate personal account but who can be bothered with that nonsense?

Over the years I have paid for many courses on how to market and run my small business. The truth of the matter is my business is not a separate entity, I have to run it the way I live the rest of my life, so that would be messy, chaotic, funny, full of contradictions and with my tongue firmly in my cheek. So it doesn't matter how much I pay someone else to tell me how to have a successful business it's just not going to work.

So now Natalie is slowly on the mend and having a phased return to work, I am ready to take up the reigns again. In the last few months I have learned that in all areas, be it social media, photography, website, email list etc. planning is not for me. Being free from the tyranny of routine and strategy is just so liberating. Moving forward I am going to be winging it, if that means spamming my Pinterest feed with a bunch of photos of flowers because it makes me happy but ultimately not very successful then so be it.

pink Spring flowers


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