The Virtual Gathering

June 21, 2021

The Virtual Gathering

Last week was something of a shitty week featuring blocked drains, far too much laundry, Roberts Covid vaccination and a review of Mum's carers. Yesterday I finally got around to watching some of the recorded presentations from the ISGB virtual Gathering. The Gathering is a yearly glass and bead event event put on by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB), based in the USA. I have always wanted to go but have never been able to afford it. This year it was hosted online and registration for members was only $50.00, which frankly was a steal. 

The social events were live via zoom and not recorded, typically I managed to miss each and every one of them, that time zone calculation - gah!!! The presentations however were recorded and I am working my way through them. Particularly interesting to me was the presentation by  Patty Lakinsmith on glass and metal i.e. headpins, charms and buttons, this alone would was worth the registration fee. I also signed up for a class with Floor Kaspers, a glass artist from the Netherlands, on, yup, headpins! Also awesome.

Once again I feel inspired, not only to melt glass onto the tippy tip of a 0.8mm wire but to play, experiment and most of all have fun! 

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