Taken a turn for the woo-woo

February 06, 2014

Taken a turn for the woo-woo

I have been somewhat under par of late, my muse has done a runner for sunnier shores and I have been in hiding. I know it is temporary and in the meantime I thought I would try to get to grips with my website, yes, again! Progress has been made, archives fixed, css code fiddled with, missing blog posts found, I am working on it one page at a time sweet cheeses so please check back, I would love to know what you think

In other news, things have taken a turn for the woo-woo recently, my life has been submerged in crapola since November and I have turned into a bit of a hippy in a desperate attempt to cope, don't laugh, I think it might be working. I have a new yoga class which I absolutely love and have nearly got over my-self conciousness when it opens and closes with a couple of chants. There are only 3 of us in the class so it's not like hymns at school where you could get away with opening and closing you mouth a bit, also I only have two words to remember so it's not like it's tricky or anything. I love the class so much I am willing to throw caution to the wind and chant along even though I don't know the tune.

I also started meditating at the end of last year which helped me enormously when Ann (my much loved mother in law) was poorly and subsequently passed away. I surprised myself by carrying on with it and it is one of my favourite parts of the day now although some days it is a thinly veiled excuse to shut my eyes and have a napette.

I have had some health issues myself, notably a digestion problem that keeps me awake at night and has done for several years now, mostly I can cope but recently my thyroid has been very lazy  too and the combination is a nightmare. I thought I was getting a consultation and after a cancelled appointment for April the hospital phoned last Tuesday and asked if I could come in 2 days later on Thursday. I agreed, then we had a fabulous conversation, totally at cross purposes, where after prolonged confusion on my part it transpired that George would have to come with me to bring me home because I was actually down for a gastroscopy which required sedation. Needless to say I declined the Thursday appointment and now have been given a date in March so I can get properly freaked out about it in my own good time. I am pretty sure it's nothing horrendous, I probably just need to lose some weight so I'm going to be starting the Whole 30 soon and will be keeping myself accountable on here.