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Summer Love

July 25, 2018

Summer Love

I have lots of lavender bushes in my garden especially for the bees. I love to sit and listen to the hum of them working away.
My dad used to keep honey bees and one of my best memories from childhood was helping him retrieve the honey. I had to slice off the wax that capped the comb and then put two combs into a "vintage" (read old and battered) centrifugal spinner. Standing on a chair and using the handle at the top I would spin that rickety contraption so the honey would fly out and collect in the bottom of the spinner. Then I had to open the tap and wait for the honey to ooze into the waiting jars. Oh! the smell was heavenly. 
My payment for this onerous chore? I was allowed to chew on little bits of the honeycomb.


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