Summer is here and dresses are cool

July 12, 2018

Summer is here and dresses are cool

I haven't really worn dresses or skirts since my early 20's (aka B.C. or Before Children) This year I wanted to up my game a bit on the wardrobe front for the book club holiday in Montenegro, so I bought a couple of dresses and a long skirt. Oh my, they were very comfortable and so cool, it was quite a revelation! who knew?

When the sun came out a couple of weeks ago I abandoned my usual lazywear of shorts and a t-shirt in favour of the summer frocks. Of course then I needed to accessorize and wouldn't you know it, my favourite colour Flora necklace matches my favourite dress perfectly! Matching jewellery to my favourite outfit is definitely one of the perks of being a jeweller. I'm keeping this one but you can click here to see the other colours of the Flora collection in my shop, perhaps there is one that matches your favourite dress?

judith wearing Flora necklace

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