Summer is here

June 15, 2017

butterfly on thistle

And suddenly the summer is galloping away at a giddy pace. I realise the phrase I can't believe it's July is already very worn out but honestly I really can't believe it's July, consider my flabber to be gasted! The summer is in full swing down here on the south coast, some days have been far too hot to make beads. Imagine a six foot wooden shed with a kiln sitting at 962 degrees F, a torch at full tilt (flame temp probably in excess of 5000 degrees F) and insects dive bombing me from the lavender bushes, it's all fairly extreme.

The combination of the hot weather, having a frozen shoulder and having house guests means that for the next couple of weeks I will be otherwise engaged. I had hoped to make some new jewellery but that is looking highly unlikely so I am going to give myself over to enjoying the sunshine. Maybe I will get an opportunity to play with my new camera an take some photos of flowers for inspiration.

Pink Campion flowers at High Beeches


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