So Many Pebble Beads

October 12, 2020

So Many Pebble Beads

Well I have a lot of pebble beads so now I need to make some bracelets with them. Originally I was going to make elasticated bracelets but no matter how hard I try I can’t help thinking they won’t be sturdy enough. The fact I have lived in mine for well over a year and it’s still going strong doesn’t seem to impinge on that either. I absolutely love it, it’s genuinely my favourite piece of jewellery and I wear it every day. But, if I’m going to make them to sell then they need to be as indestructible as possible. 
The last piece of jewellery I made before being stopped rudely in my tracks by cataracts was a pebble necklace with a sterling magnetic clasp. I have also worn this necklace a lot and I think that’s the way to go for bracelets too. So watch this space and let me know if you have an opinion about the clasp conundrum.

lampwork glass pebble beads

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