New Pink and Purple Glass!

February 01, 2021

Pink lampwork glass beads

January seemed to be the longest month ever so to cheer myself up I bought some new glass. Although I have trained myself to sit on my hands when new colours are released these particular colours were absolutely irresistible to me. 

Theia and Lotis, released by Double Helix who make the best silver glass, (click here see earrings made with silver glass). They are purple and pink, respectively which have been specifically designed to work with silver glass. Pink glass is usually coloured using gold which means
a. it is ferociously expensive 
b. if you try and mix it with glass coloured with silver it goes a yukky brown, it's not a look I'm fond of.

Lotis, the new pink and another slightly older DH colour Rhea really are gorgeous pinks on their own but with silver they are just stunning. Lotis has an orangey tone and Rhea is more blue, of the two Rhea is my current favourite but I will probably change my mind tomorrow!

I haven't had a chance to test Theia with silver yet but it is a pretty violet purple. It's quite a saturated colour so I think it needs some clear or a pale transparent underneath it so the light can pass through and illuminate what a fabulous colour it is.

Rhea pink lampwork glass beads

 Rhea, dark fuchsia pink lampwork glass beads

Lotis pink lampwork glass beads

 Lotis, lighter and a bit more of an orangey pink lampwork glass beads

Theia purple lampwork glass beads
Theia violet purple lampwork glass beads

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