New Jewellery Bench

March 22, 2018

New Jewellery Bench


I have been dreaming about a proper jewellery bench for years. Since I took my first silver jewellery class with Jink McGrath in fact, way back in 2004. I have pinned tons of workbench pictures to my Pinterest equipment board. Up until now I have made all of my jewellery on a charity shop table with a rounded edge and shiny laminate surface. It has been impossible to securely attach a bench peg to it and sawing silver? something of a trial is an understatement.
So when Cookson's put their Durston Student Bench on sale with 30% off AND free shipping I was all ears. 30% and free shiping surely that's not going to happen again any time soon! I hemmed and hawed and put it in and out of my basket so many times I made myself dizzy. But, you know, the new kiln was only a  couple of weeks old and I hadn't made many sales recently so I couldn't actually afford the bench even at that price. 
Still though I could play with it, putting it in the basket, taking it out, doing the hokey cokey and shaking it all about. 


Then the impossible happened, after literally weeks of no sales in my bead shop I heard the glorious sound of Cha-Ching (it's worth having an Etsy shop just to hear that sound. I love itand it always gets a cheer from me, even in the middle of the night) A sale and quite a good one at that, not enough to pay for the bench outright but still. I refreshed that basket and in a heartbeat the beautiful, sturdy Durston (fabulous quality) jewellery workbench was mine. 


It turned up the next day, pretty impressive for free shipping. Blimey that sucker was heavy, I actually had to wait for George to come home to move and help build it. It seemed pretty easy to construct, basically screw the legs on to the worktop. All the screws went in just fine except for the last one. The hole it screwed into was off centre and when the screw hit the brass insert instead of going through it got stuck, nearly a full centimetre proud of the surface. George tried, I tried, we jiggled and tried to force it, we swapped all the screws round, we tried everything but that screw was not going in. The bench was quite stable but not stable enough - sob. 


The next day I surprised myself by ringing Cooksons customer service, not something I ever do but I figured if I had to pack it up and send it back as faulty then so be it. The thought of sawing on a wobbly bench was not going to fly, I might as well carry on with my cheap laminate table.
I spoke to a very nice young man, in short I could either return it or I could keep it and MacGyver it and Cookson's would give me a further 20% off. Guess which I chose?
In the end I got the fabulous, new jewellery workbench of my dreams for the exact amount of the Etsy sale. A couple of well couple of well placed metal brackets and she's super sturdy too.  I LOVE my new bench. Way to go Cooksons!

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