New Focal Beads

March 15, 2018

Organic heart focal lampwork bead

Fresh from my new kiln. You might notice I'm in a bit of a grey period right now, I am loving all of the greys but especially those that are on the blue side. More especially blue greys with ivory glass and some fine silver for added reactions and added zing!
organic grey focal lampwork bead
Grey Lampwork Focal Bead - I love the mottling of the grey glass at the bottom and also the way the fine silver has fumed the glass to a green colour in places.
 Blue Grey Lampwork Focal Lentil Bead
 Blue Grey Lampwork Focal Bead - The interaction between the blue-grey, ivory and silvered ivory is just lovely. I only wish I could remember which glass the grey one is! 
Grey Ivory Lampwork Focal Bead
Focal Lampwork Bead in Grey and Ivory Glass - I know this one sneaked in again because I LOVE it. The combination of ivory, pearl grey and silvered transparent grey is just so pretty. 
Lampwork Focal Bead - Grey & Ivory
Blue Grey & Ivory Focal Bead - I love all of the marbling on this one.

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