New Colour Glass Woohoo!

May 20, 2021

Small lampwork glass heart beads by Judith Johnston

I played with some new colour glass from CIM and Double Helix yesterday.... it's so pretty. These first ones were my favourites in rod form but the colour can change when you make beads with it. 

Colours from Top clockwise: Dollhouse Misty, Venus, Lake Baikal, DH Violet Opal, Beeswax Misty, Stonewashed. Avalon Misty, middle bead is Oracle Test Batch 805.

Beswax had the most obvious change, the fine silver may have fumed it or it may be the way I used it. It reminded me of an older CIM colour, Ghee that I was very fond of.

Fortunately none of my favourites in this batch were limited stock so I ordered another few rods of my three favourites and a couple of colours I missed in panic when I made my first order. So it's beans on toast for the rest of the month... this stuff ain't cheap!

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