Moving toward the light

March 16, 2017

Moving toward the light

It was a long, cold and miserable winter here at chez Johnston but now I see green pushing through the bleakness, the blossom is staring to bloom and it is still light at 6.30 pm, how happy it all makes me. I don't have anything hanging over me right now and all I have on my to do list this week is make beads and yoga, sweet! It has been a couple of weeks since I made anything which, as you know, means I will struggle to find my groove again but I just have to start. I do know that as long I keep going out there and melting  glass it will eventually come to me. In the beginning my muse will come and sit quietly by my side, then she will start whispering, what if? why not? try this, do that. Then she will be running the show and before I know it I will be making beads willy nilly and, inevitably, they will all be utterly crap!

The real secret is to keep going especially when everything I make is beyond horrible. When I keep going my brain starts to compost all those little scraps of information about what doesn't work and why and, if I'm lucky, I might get a glimpse of something hiding in the tangle of my thoughts. An idea, or a wisp of an idea, nebulous and fleeting but tantalising all the same. I chase after it and in the chase I leave behind the part of my brain that over thinks things and tune into something altogether less conscious, less constrained, less constructed and that is where I hope to find magic.

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