Mothers Day is n the horizon

March 04, 2020

Mothers Day is n the horizon

Mothers Day this year is on the 22nd March, suddenly it doesn’t seem very far away. My own mother is 82 and with every passing year I am so grateful to still be able to celebrate Mothers Day with her.

I always leave things until the last minute but this year I’m planning ahead. Instead of the usual bunch of (imo expensive and often past their best) flowers from Interflora I’m going to make her one of my special floral necklaces. One of the best things about being a jeweller is being able to custom make something special for the people closest to you. Of course the next best thing is to buy your Mum something special from me. I have a lovely collection of one of a kind floral necklaces available in the shop at the moment. To check them out click here.

Day 13 of my challenge - Calliope Statement Butterfly Necklace

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