Mermaid Earrings

November 08, 2019

Mermaid Earrings

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I just added a couple of pairs of sculptural earrings to the shop. I call these my Mermaid earrings because the shape of the beads was inspired by the graceful, sensuous waves of a mermaids tail, at least in my imagination anyway! I use special glass to make these beads, it contains pure silver which not only gives the ethereal, dreamy colours that I l love so much but can also give some magical effects. Let’s face it who doesn’t love iridescence, metallic shine, mother of pearl lustre or even an oil slick rainbow of colours?

There was a time when I made a lot of these in different colours but these are the last two remaining pairs. I’m not sure if I could make them again, certainly I wouldn’t be able to repeat the colours, not least because I am the worlds worst at making (useful) notes. They are one of my all time favourite designs though, I think next time I’m in the studio I will pull out the silver glass and see what I can come up with… maybe something in silver grey!

pinky mauve art glass bead earrings