Master Procrastinator!

November 23, 2020

Purple Jewels Lampwork Bead PEnant

I have SO much jewellery ready to be listed in my shop, really beautiful beaded bracelets and pendants. Photos are done and ready and I have scheduled the writing of the listings for the last 3 days and yet... I just keep getting distracted, by Pinterest, by Tailwind (don't ask) and most recently by Google Analytics for pity's sake. Yep, today I have lost an entire day to Google analytics the most dull and dreary way to spend time ever.

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is starting to buy their presents... lampwork jewellery makes a fantastic present but here I am not doing what I need to be doing, again. I know from past years I get myself into a really miserable place in the run up to the whole Black Friday shebang. There is just something about the sheer level of "buy my stuff" noise that makes me feel completely overwhelmed.

So tomorrow I will try once more to stay on track, to put these lovely beaded pieces out into the world because I do know you really want to see and buy them.

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