Mark your Calendars!

May 03, 2021

Mark your Calendars!

So once again I was going great guns getting my beads ready to list back in my shop and then life happened and I fell off the face of the internet. Mum and Natalie both got sick before Easter, I had to go and stay at Natalie's until she was well enough to travel back to our house and I could look after her here. Mum had Bells Palsy which needed some very strong medication that she wasn't able to administer herself so I was trying to remotely coordinate carers from 300 miles away. It was all extremely stressful but I'm happy to say we are finally back on a relatively even keel. Natalie has decided to move back in with us for the time being so this weekend I am packing up her flat ready for the removal van on Wednesday.

With all this going on I decided the sensible thing to do was join my old Facebook selling group Artist Spotlight and of course I took the vacant spot for next Sunday the 9th of May because clearly it was "waiting" for me! I used to absolutely love selling my beads in this group, the friendship and camaraderie was awesome and I have really missed it. Plus it is easier and much cheaper to sell my beads there because it simply doesn't have the associated costs of my website or Etsy. In fact Etsy charges at least 20% of every sale AND shipping charges, which is frankly ridiculous.

If you would like to buy some beads from me on Facebook, mark your calendar for Sunday 9th May 2pm BST (time zone calculator).

You can join the group by clicking this here: Artist Spotlight Facebook Group

Floral Focal Lampwork Bead

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