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March 02, 2020


March made quite the entrance this weekend, blowing in on a howling gale accompanied by hail, but today the sun is doing it’s best to peek through the clouds. March is always ridiculously busy for me as I have 5 birthdays and Mothers Day to celebrate. I’m trying to get ahead of the game by planning, to be honest although I’m fantastic at planning, following through? not so clever.. so maybe I’ll just wing it and see how that pans out (I can already hear deafening alarm bells ringing in my head as I write that sentence!)

I am up to day 11 of my 20 day challenge to get I piece of jewellery out into the world every weekday for the next 4 weeks.

Day 11 - Felicity, silvery blue grey floral with pink and magenta flowers, cubic zirconias in the flowers obvs!

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