Look Ma! Two Beads On One!

February 17, 2021

Look Ma! Two Beads On One!

Two beads on one mandrel!

The reason for this isn’t (for me) to crank beads out more quickly, I make beads slooooowly and I have a stupid amount of beads. It’s about sizing pairs. So when I make beads on separate mandrels I can get them pretty close in size. 
For instance I would use these two beads as a pair. They’re not perfect but close enough  

Purple lampwork beads on separate mandrels

But mostly what I get is this dammit!

Two mismatched lampwork glass beads

But two beads to a mandrel and 🎶 yes sir, I can boogie, boogie boogie all night long 🎶

Lampwork bead pairs two to a mandrel

And if like me, sometimes you really need something random from the 70’s, you’re welcome 😁

Baccara Yes Sir I can Boogie


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