Lampwork Beads I have loved -Sakura Mk1

February 20, 2021

Pink floral lampwork bead

I have been making beads for 19 years now and over the years there have been particular beads that I absolutely loved. Sometimes it was because the combination of glass used worked in an unexpected way, sometimes it was because I got the design spot on and sometimes it was just because. 
I have sold some of them but I still

remember them like old friends. I thought it would be nice to start a series of blog posts about them. 

Kicking the series off is Sakura mk 1, made maybe 15 years ago

I loved making beads with this striped background but they were very labour intensive. In the first place I used opalino glass, beautiful and translucent but finicky as all fuckery and prone to cracking but oh how I loved playing with the translucency! I would make long canes using transparent glass over the opalino, for this one I  graduated the colour from white through pale amethyst to dark amethyst. The resulting cane was about 18” long and fairly awkward to handle. Then I wound the graduated cane around an opalino bead base giving the distinctive stripe effect. Carefully melting it in, shaping and pressing the bead without distorting the stripes was also pretty tricky. To finish I would just twist the stripes, embed a cubic zirconia in the centre and call it done. This one I managed to decorate with pink flowers without distorting the stripes, something I was never able to repeat. 

I didn't sell this one initially because I loved it which was fortunate because remember I said opalino glass was finicky and prone to cracking?  Well if you look closely, just to the right of the petals is a long meandering crack. Ah well at least I got to keep it!

Back of stripey pink lampwork beadback view 

Front of stripey pink lampwork bead front view - can you see that crack :(

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