March 07, 2018


I may have mentioned that my kiln died and left me high and dry a few weeks ago but my fortunately my fantastic mum came to the rescue. I ordered a Maxine bead annealing kiln designed and built specifically for annealing lampwork beads by Kilncare who are based in Stoke on Trent. It was an expensive purchase and I could have got one substantially cheaper but having got through maybe 4 kilns since I started back in 2002 I really wanted something that if it failed I could get it fixed. Don't get me wrong my last kiln was a little gem and served me well for maybe 8 years but the American chap who built it retired about a week after he shipped mine. 

Anyway I digress, it was important for me to buy from a British company run with integrity and honesty. This kiln comes with a 3 year guarantee but I have met Lee and I know that he genuinely does stand behind his company and his kilns, if I have a problem we will be able to sort it out beyond the 3 year guarantee. Really there was never much choice where I was going to buy my kiln from and I am thrilled to have such a fine piece of equipment in my studio.

Here she is in all her pink glory.

pink bead annealing kiln

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