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25, March, 2019

metal clay pendant in the making

I have wanted to make stud earrings for the longest time and although my silver smith skills are up to it I couldn't think of a design that inspired me enough to get the metal out and start sawing. However in the downtime of recent months, I have revisited precious metal clay and I came up with a couple of designs for stud earrings with matching silver pendants that I absolutely love.

I have rolled my way through quite a few packets of silver clay, it's expensive but at least the failures are recycle-able! The kiln is set up, I'm thrilled it still works (it's been in the leaking shed for over 2 years) and I have settled on a firing schedule. Plus, and this is key, I have successfully soldered sterling posts not only onto the back of the studs but, trumpet fanfare please, also in the middle.

I still have some finessing to do but all in all I'm excited to say it looks like a new collection is in the works.

P.S. Photo shows sample pendant pieces with.....oh yes, my favourite and yours...

sparkly cubic zirconia

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