I Love Grey Glass

August 06, 2019

I Love Grey Glass

and I cannot lie! I may have mentioned it once or twice before but I absolutely love grey glass. My all time favourites are, in no particular order..

  • Slate a gorgeous blue grey transparent,

  • Moonlight a super pale twinkly transparent

  • French Grey a pretty opal glass that get a gorgeous marbled appearance

Anyway I was hunting through my photos looking for a particular bead when I noticed how beautiful these earrings look with this necklace. The Duet earrings are Slate Grey, etched for that gorgeous beach glass look, and the Circe necklace is Moonlight Grey with French grey, don’t they all look fabulous together?

You can buy the Circe necklace and the Duet earrings in my shop now.

Of course if you like things to match then you can also find the Circe Earrings in grey in the shop too.

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