Happy New Year 2021

January 04, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

We made it to 2021!!! My review of 2020 is: Didn't go out, grew lovely stuff in the garden, made lovely stuff to eat, had my cataracts done, made beads, made mince pies, didn't catch Covid (as far as I know!)

So my take away from 2020 is that I survived and you know what? there were some pockets of sunshine in there too so that's a major win. There were, and still are some black clouds on the horizon but right now me and mine are OK. That sounds like "I'm alright Jack" but none of us have left the house for months except for food and medicine because that's all any of us can do to protect each other. Obviously my daughter working in public health doing the stats on Covid cases and deaths has meant that we can't avoid the scary truth of the nature and scale of the pandemic.

One day I will write a blog post about my thoughts around our current situation but currently I'm a cauldron of boiling rage and I simply can't find the words to express it.... spoiler alert, I blame the government.

I really do hope you are as lucky as I am and by staying at home and looking after yourself you are looking after those around you too. Stay safe, stay well and lets hope the vaccine can turn this shit show around. 

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