A Very Good Birthday

August 30, 2021

Stack of Birthday Pancakes

Last Monday I started trawling Indeed looking for a part time job and one popped up immediately. It looked perfect, the right hours, walking distance, my experience seemed to fit with what they wanted but wouldn't you know it, the closing date was over a month earlier!

I decided as it was still up and didn't say expired I would take a punt and fill in the online application, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Next the online test popped up, I took that and realised half way through my ad blocker was blocking submitting the answers - doh! I disabled the ad blocker and carried on with the test, thinking all the time, well it's already expired so this test doesn't really matter.

Then an email from the office manager arrived asking me to come in for an informal chat on the 25th, my birthday! Surely they wouldn't invite me in if the job wasn't available.So on my birthday I went for an interview with the office manager, I liked her very much and seemingly she liked me too because  on Thursday I was offered the job. Shortest job hunt, ever.

So here I am after the interview, my best friend Suzie took me to Oeuf for brunch. I celebrated with a stack of gluten and dairy free pancakes with a side of bacon and some excellent coffee.

Judith Johnston

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