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March 24, 2021

Blue Lampwork Lentil Bead by Judith Johnston

Recently while preparing a post for my Beads I Have Loved series I realised I didn't have a photographic record of my beads I started making beads in February 2002 and as yet I haven't been able to find photos earlier than 2008. I am hoping that will change but I'm going to create a gallery or two so that I can pop the photos up and keep an ongoing record.

It's very much in it's infancy with only 6 photos so far but I am going to be adding to it regularly so keep them peeled. At the moment you can find it here Lampwork Bead Gallery, feel free to bookmark it as I haven't added it to my navigation yet.

Sunset Colours Lampwork Bead Handmade by Judith Johnston

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