Dads watercolours

December 01, 2020

Dads watercolours

A couple of months ago I found myself leafing through dads sketchbooks. I have a set of six books of his from the 80's and early 90's where he was recording local flora and fauna, some of which he thought were at risk of extinction. He had a keen eye for detail and his paintings had a delicacy about them that was just beautiful.

After he died quite a few of our family and friends asked for a piece of his work as a remembrance of him. Sadly at some point in the few months leading up to his death he got rid of all of his work, hundreds of drawings and paintings just gone. I remember I kept going back to check the all drawers and cupboards in the house in case somehow I had missed them or perhaps they had magically reappeared. We don't know when or where or even why he got rid of them but it still makes me unbearably sad to think about it, even now nearly 20 years later. 

So these sketchbooks, the only remaining art of his, are my most treasured possession. I would rescue them in a fire but for now I think I'm going to scan them into my computer, just in case.


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