Changes in how I release new work

October 26, 2019

Changes in how I release new work

I have always tried to put my jewellery and my beads out into the world in the same way as everyone else does via Collections. This means having a collection of cohesive pieces all photographed and ready to go at the same time. I would let my email subscribers have first choice of the pieces and then put what was left on to my website.

There are a few extremely good reasons to do it this way and I won’t bore you with them but I have been struggling with this for the LONGEST time. What’s worse is I have only just realised that this is what I’m struggling with and why I haven’t put any of my new pieces up for sale. My lovely, one of a kind, floral necklaces are the perfect example. I mentioned back in June in this blog post that I had made some new floral lampwork beads and then again in July in this post that I had made them into pendants and they would be released soon. Then life happened… again… and here we are are nearly through October and all the beautiful summery floral necklaces that have been ready since July are still sitting, waiting for me to do all the stuff. The same thing happened with my Circe collection, it took me nearly a year to get those out.

The problem lies in the sheer number of woman hours required for me to get a whole collection photographed, edited, written up and loaded onto the website. I know it makes sense to batch everything but the reality is for me it’s too much I have tried to ditch my Virgo perfectionism and just get it done but it’s still a slow process especially when there are poorly people here who need my attention.

I’ve come to the conclusion that something has to change so I’m going to try releasing one piece at a time, radical? I know! Photographs still have to be taken in a batch because setting up takes a while and I like to use natural light whenever possible. The writing, editing and uploading I will do individually, one piece at a time as the Johnny Cash song goes. I’m really hoping that by breaking it down this way I will actually manage to get my work on to my website but also as a side effect, I will have something new to show my lovely email subscribers and on my blog.

Maybe it won’t work but it can’t be any worse than my current system of simply not managing to put anything out at all. The idea of releasing myself from the tyranny of collections in very exciting and I can’t wait to see how it goes. 

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