Chanctonbury Ring

November 23, 2017

Chanctonbury Ring

I mentioned in my last post that I have been on a diet and despite it being really hard it is working. I have lost over a stone, I'm rarely hungry and I don't eat sugar any more so that's good. George has been doing it with me (just for support you understand) and he has lost more than 2 stone in a month which is fantastic. 

Since the beginning of the autumn I have been pining for a walk in the woods. I love the damp woody smell, the gentle squish of mud and wet leaves underfoot and just being out among the trees. It was piddling down on Saturday but George and Natalie were both up for a walk so we headed out to Chanctonbury Ring. Now it has to be said it's reasonably steep and the last time we went was earlier this summer when we had to keep stopping to get our breath back and mop the sweat off. This time was SO different, admittedly the weather wasn't hot but there was no sweating or gasping for breath, in fact George romped up like a Gazelle. It was fantastic positive reinforcement for why losing weight is so important for us and we had the best time.

Aside from the joy of walking up a steep hill because you can, I find so much inspiration for my work out in the forest. Everything from the muted colours, the sound of the rain on the leaves to the musty smell fills me with joy and fresh ideas.

Once at the top you leave the woodland and walk along the (exposed!) ridgeway to the actual ring. Sadly as we came out from the cover of the trees we were met with a howling gale and freezing rain. Needless to say we retreated back down pretty quickly. I think we will be going back soon though, hopefully next weekend.

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