Big Bead Show

October 18, 2019

Big Bead Show

I'm toying with going to the Big Bead Show in Sandown tomorrow. I haven't been since 2011 when I had a table selling my lampwork beads there. It was a bit traumatic because George came to help me but he felt so ill he spent the entire day in the car. I had to do the whole thing by myself with the added worry of George, lying in the car, looking extraordinarily pasty.

A couple of days later I frogmarched him to the doctor, let me just say, no one wants to see the Doctor come running, I kid you not, running into the waiting room shouting "Mrs Johnston, MRS JOHNSTON! did you come here in a car? you need to drive him up to A & E NOW"
Fast forward through a very freaky car journey to the hospital, I fully expected him to expire in the car. He had internal bleeding and had lost so much blood the doctors couldn't believe he was still standing (if a tad droopy) They kept coming in just to look at his stats and shake their heads at him exclaiming "how are you still alive?" Anyway, as it turns out Ibuprofen can do some pretty serious damage to your insides if you're not careful.

I’m happy to say George made a full recovery but his recent doctors appointment gave me such deja vu. This time I made good use of the car journey from the doctors to the hospital to vent my fury at his inability to go to the doctors before his life was actually in danger. After a week on the cardiac ward he’s back home, getting used to taking a handful of pills every morning and on the mend but I’m exhausted and a bit frayed around the edges, suddenly I feel old.

So I think a bit of retail therapy is in order, a trip to the Big Bead Show is just the thing to lift my spirits because let’s face it what I really need is some more beads!


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