Beads I have Loved - Dichroic Lampwork Focals

March 25, 2021

Beads I have Loved - Dichroic Lampwork Focals

So I have been trawling through old blog posts looking for beads I have loved and I found these. I really need to make some more of these, they were full of sparkly gorgeousness!

Purple Lampwork Focal Bead Decorated with dichroic glass and fumed silver pattern

I made a lot of these in 2011 - 2012. They were based on the Mothwing tutorial, one of my favourite bead tutorials of all time, written by the awesome Andrea Guarino Slemmons.

 Amethyst focal lampwork glass bead with dichroic glass and cubic zirconia

II have so many photos of these I'm going to split them over 2 posts.

To be continued...

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