Bead Photography

February 05, 2021

Violet purple lampwork glass bead necklace with pink flowers and cubic zorconia

I have found the most amazing light for taking photos of my glass beads...
Sadly it’s on my bed!!!

I live in a very densely housed area and I can only see a small square of sky at the back of the house, if you look closely at the top right reflection in the bead above you can see my small patch of sky. I actually moved my bed under the window because at night I like to look up at the stars. At the moment one of the houses behind me has, what can only be described as extravagant scaffolding up, I suspect they are building a skyscraper. It has completely cut out the light in the kitchen where I usually take my photos so I need a new spot.

I was lolling on my bed in the sunshine this morning when I realised that it would be fabulous light for bead photography. I rigged up one of my famous Heath Robinson contraptions to test it out. These are unedited shots straight from my iPhone camera. I love them and I really need to figure out how to set up my camera here. Also thrilled to be able to take photos while still in my pj’s 😊

Grey lampwork glass bead with pink flowers and cubic zirconia

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