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November 11, 2019

Grey and pink lampwork bead bracelets

So here’s the thing, I absolutely love my elasticated bracelet, I LOVE IT! it’s so easy to roll on and off, I have worn it every single day since I made it sometime back in August. So in my wisdom I decided that I was going to take the design and make it into a “better” bracelet on super strong beading or sterling silver wire or whatever, put a clasp and safety chain on. Do all those things that in my mind make it a “proper” piece of jewellery that would last for decades. I don’t wear those all the time because frankly they’re a bit of a faff to get on and off. My elasticated bracelet is the piece that I reach for every day, whatever I’m doing even if I’m not going to leave the house, if I’m working in the studio, going for a walk, going out for dinner literally anything. Every time I put it on it makes me smile and twist it round to look at all the pretty beads. Surely that’s the whole point of wearing jewellery, you love wearing it because it makes you happy.

I have come to the conclusion that I really want to make elasticated ones that are super easy to wear and make people smile. I will make them and if at some point a year or 10 years from now they go saggy, baggy or break then I will re-elasticate them free of charge. The good news is I have at least 7 seven sets of pebble beads that will make beautiful elasticated bracelets. Watch this space!

Note NEVER stretch an elasticated bracelet over your wrist, it weakens the elastic. It’s like a car ferry, roll on roll off!

Elasticated lampwork glass bead bracelets

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