Adventures in hoops

February 09, 2017

Adventures in hoops

Hoop Earrings, My Latest Obsession

Recently I have been slightly obsessed with hoop earrings, or to be accurate, the making of hoop earrings. A couple of years ago I took silver jewellery classes, first with the wonderful Jinks McGrath and then evening classes with (also fabulous) Jo MacDonald. I like to think I am pretty well versed in the basics and so thought these would be a snap.

I started with sterling silver as my metal of choice but decided pretty quickly that way madness lay so switched to copper. I haven't been able to find half hard bare copper wire though which means I have to use soft and I've really struggled to work harden it.

I checked out various sources for how to make hoop earrings and they all say the same, cut 2 pieces of wire, bend into matching circles, make a loop/hook on one end and bend the other end at 90 degrees to slot through the loop/hook. Doesn't that sound easy? Some of these even say you can make them in 5 minutes - ha, ha ha, I can't!

I have spent the last few days just making hoop earrings and to be fair I am getting there. I was almost happy with the last pair I made I just couldn't get them through my ears (even though they look like all the hoop earrings for sale on Etsy!) so it was back to the drawing board. I am having a whale of a time and I firmly believe that practice makes perfect though so I'm going to keep banging away (literally). 

ETA I wore these today and I couldn't believe how comfy they were... I'm going to try silver next.