Accurate Photography

October 04, 2019

Accurate Photography

A quick word about my photography, I make a massive effort to represent my work as accurately as possible. Glass is a tricky thing to photograph altogether, it’s highly reflective and the transparent colours often get washed out when light shines through them.

I take photos in natural daylight to best represent the colour of a piece and I use a macro lens on my camera to capture details. However, If you are on a desktop pc then a 2 cm bead is magnified around 10 times it’s actual size, that’s quite some magnification. Even on a standard mobile phone product photos are magnified about 1.5 -2 times actual size. it’s bit like looking through a microscope and it’s why so many celebrity photographs are edited and airbrushed so much, every pore and pimple is huge.

In reality this magnification has a double whammy effect. In the first place it magnifies teeny tiny details like specks of fine silver that are imperceptible to the naked eye but instead give a subtle shimmer. It also makes it really difficult to gauge the size and scale of a piece, what it would look like when you wear it, where it would sit on your neck and so on. To this end I usually have a photograph to show size and scale with the piece either being worn or held in my hand.

What I would say is if you are ever have any questions about my work please just drop me an email, I can take more photos, or whatever you need that will help.. Also customer satisfaction is top of my priorities, I really want you to be happy with your purchase, I have a 14 day, no questions asked, refund policy the only caveat being the piece is returned unworn and returned in it’s original state.

The photos below illustrate my point, a close up of one of my necklaces and a photo of it being worn. In the close up you can see the tiny sparkle of silver glitter, in the one of me wearing it the glitter is not visible.

Judith wearing blue butterfly art glass necklace

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