A Floral Glass Bead In The Making

March 16, 2021

A Floral Glass Bead In The Making

This particular bead is one of my favourites so it’s in my personal stash. You will not be surprised to see it's in my favourite shade of blue grey glass. Here I am wearing it on a very windy day at the beach. Do you like the way I am colour coordinated with the beach huts - lol! 

Judith Johnston wearing one of her floral statement bead necklaces at the beach

 So these statement floral beads are my favourite beads to make and I thought you might like to see a short video clip of how I put the flowers in the glass. 

I’m about 2/3rds of the way through here, slowly melting the petals down to form the flower. I still have to embed the cubic zirconias, shape, encase with clear glass (probably the hardest bit) and then then shape again without smearing everything.


All in all these beads take me well over 2 hours each to make. As I get older I am finding it increasingly hard to sit for that long without needing the loo! 🤣

If you would like your own floral beauty click here to see the one of a kind Blossom collection.

P.S. Sorry about the massive video on pc's, it's fine on mobile but I haven't worked out how to make it smaller for bigger screens.

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