What happened to Focus on Life?

I missed this weeks focus on life post mainly because I have been a bit under the weather but also because I was utterly stumped... February's theme is cabin fever and the prompt was quiet calm, I have to be honest I could not find a shred of anything that was quiet or calm, seriously I am surrounded by utter chaos... at all times! I looked in the garden for signs of spring quietly making it's way but our garden is

a) full of rubble from last years building work and

b) contains some of the most frightening, triffid like plants you could possibly imagine... a rampant passion flower in a kudzu stylee, every morning I look out of the window and I swear it is 6 inches closer to the house than the night before... the bay tree from hell that will not die no matter how many times I saw it off to a jagged stump and a jasmine that could throttle an infant at 20 paces. I have to take a flame thrower and an axe just to make it to the shed some days.

Once our indoor water feature sprang to life in Natalies bedroom, I was done, I had nuthin'. I lay on the sofa and waited.. for what? I have no idea but I waited anyway with only Babylon 5 to keep me company. Eventually I got a bit peckish and found myself cajoled back from the very brink of despair by tea and crumpets.

Fully revived I made it down to the seafront. I took some photos of the West Pier which is crumbling into the sea. There were, until quite recently, talks of funding to "save" the West Pier which quite frankly I found baffling. Lets be honest, it's been well past saving for many a long year and the recent weather has only edged it closer still to it's watery grave. It will be a sad day when it collapses into the sea but even the starlings know what is coming and have moved away.

West Pier Brighton
West Pier Brighton