Valentines Day is on the horizon

After a week in which my beloved little Ka terminally failed it's MOT, my bead kiln went up in smoke and my dishwasher fell apart I'm feeling somewhat beleaguered. I managed to fix the dishwasher and joined a car club so I'm not stranded but not being able to make beads? well that's not going to fly!

Fortunately my extremely kind and generous mother came to the rescue and I have been able to order a new kiln. It's pepto bismol pink and called Maxine, a name that I utterly despise but it's a bit the Rolls Royce of bead kilns and I am SO excited, I literally can't wait.

In the meantime I have made some new jewellery. With Valentines Day on the horizon I used these little red and black glass hearts to make choker necklaces. They are adjustable so they will fit comfortably and they have a tiny sterling silver heart charm that dangles down the back. If you would like to buy one please click the button below.

Hopefully this week will be less of a challenge..