Standen House

I love this time of year, spring flowers are my favourites. After the dark days of winter the sunshine and bright colours of the daffodils, crocus and tulips really cheer my spirit. This weekend Natalie and I went to Standen House, one of the finest exaples of an Arts and Crafts workmanship.

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The house itself was designed by Phillip Webb a close friend of William Morris and the inside was decorated in Morris and co textiles and paper. I am a huge fan of the Arts and Crafts period and the house was fantastic. Standing in the living room I was transported back to my Grandmothers house in the early sixties. Undisturbed by the bright lights and noise of technology of today but instead enveloped by quiet that was almost palpable, punctuated only by the slow ticking of the grandfather clock. 

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In the gardens it was tulip festival time and they were out in full force. 10,000 jewel coloured tulips carpeted the gardens along with wisteria, amazing camellias, daffodils and bluebells, it was quite a sight.

Love lies bleeding
Tulips on the front terrace - photo by National Trust

Tulips on the front terrace - photo by National Trust