Perfectionist, Me?

Last week I had a message from a customer asking if the beads in the shop photographs were the actual beads she would receive if she bought the listing, "yes, the actual beads" I replied. Sure enough a few minutes later I heard the delightful ker-ching as my Etsy phone app notified me of the sale. I picked the beads and noticed to my horror that one of them had a slightly rough edge at the hole, not sharp and pointy but not baby butt smooth either. I messaged the customer back and offered her a refund or a re-make of the bead. She agreed to wait for me to re-make it and so I set to... I had a bad cold but I went out to the studio anyway because I didn't want to keep her waiting.

Next day I had around 8 perfectly formed but tiny red beads - way too small, damn!

That evening, chopping broccoli with the bluntest knife in Hove I sliced a large chunk out of my mandrel rolling thumb, no bead making for a couple of days.. I still had the cold but as soon as the mangled thumb was usable I went out and had another go, they were red beads so a little bit of blood wouldn't show right?

The following day beads out of the kiln -perfectly formed transparent red beads - not opaque, damn!

Tried again next day, wrong shape - damn!

The day after that and my personal favourite, right size - check, right shape - check, opaque - check... I had used orange murrini instead of red -GAH!

Finally on Tuesday I nailed it and got them posted. The customer was absolutely fantastic about having to wait but in the end I made 32 beads to match the photograph. It may seem like overkill, I could have just refunded her money but I love it when people buy my beads and I genuinely want them to be happy with them, no matter what it takes.

So the jury is out... perfectionist or just a bit nuts!

32 red lampwork glass beads
32 red lampwork glass beads