Off Grid

I am currently off grid moving Mum out of her house. Things are going well.. we have already trashed a humoungous amount of stuff (seriously, a ridiculous amount of rubbish), the removal men are coming tomorrow to put the rest into storage and then we will clear and clean ready for completion on Friday. I wanted to get her safely installed in our house before Natalies birthday on Monday and I'm very happy we have managed it. It has rumbled on for months, as these things do, and I know Mum will be pleased to see the back of it.

Typically, as I am have not been able to access the internet for a while my webhost pushed the big red delete button of doom and took my website and main e-mail address with it. I have already set my e-mail up on a new server but if you e-mailed me in the last week and I haven't got back to you, you may want to try again. I am transferring my domain to a new host but typically that takes 5-7 days so that will not be back online before the weekend - gah that was so not what I needed.

Anyway hopefully I will be back in the shed getting my bead groove thing on before too long.

Γ  plus tard


Lentil shape black lampwork beads with cubic zirconia