Nothing says January like tax returns

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were as joyous as mine, although frankly I always feel as if I need a holiday to recover.

I have a little tradition to welcome in the in the New Year, I won't allow myself to make any beads or jewellery until my tax return has been submitted. After the Christmas tree has been de-baubled, the veil of glitter scrubbed from our souls and the pink Quality Street binned, the urge to run back into the studio and make beads is overwhelming but that way madness lies.

So every year come January I get out my calculator and start muttering my way through the mounds of paper and paper clips, jeeze loiuse, so. many. paper. clips. Although I refuse to do anything enjoyable until it's actually submitted it tends to ramble on, and on, and on, thus January is a big ole pile of crapola. This year I was determined not to still be doing it on the 31st and lose the entire month to misery. I had a plan,  I went looking for a shortcut, googling to see what other Etsy sellers used for their accounting. Aha! an Etsy shop, Happy Dance Solutions selling spreadsheets designed specifically for handmade sellers in the uk, I was beyond excited. I hit checkout at an unseemly speed and before you could say bookeeping sucks I had the manual printed out.

The spreadsheets themselves are in rainbow colours which of course, makes everything better and the manual was really thorough, it went through, step by step, how to enter the data. I imported all my Etsy and Paypal receipts in using csv files then filled my expenses in by hand. All in all it was a breeze and only took a few hours, unbelievably cool. 

You never know maybe I will be using the magical spreadsheets to record my accounts every month and just maybe (shhh, keep this under your hat) I might submit my taxes in... April!!! extreme I know but anything is possible.

I'm so happy right now, Januarys regular torture has been banished, my house is (relatively) tidy and tomorrow I'm going to go out and melt some glass. I feel some hearts coming on and maybe some flowers, surely once Christmas is done we're nearly at Spring?

purple blown glass heart pendant
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